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 Côte d’Or’s Milk Chocolate Connoisseur Bar

 Cote d’Or’s Chocolate Bar

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Country Classic

Côte d'Or Chocolate is beloved in Belgium and beyond and has been around since 1883. The reason for its success can be attributed to the brand's always evolving craftsmanship, the intense flavor profiles of their bars, and their commitment to high-quality cocoa beans. Its unique flavor, superior quality, and cultural significance make it a go-to for those seeking a delicious treat

Questions & Answers
  • Wrapped in premium artisan paper containing two individually wrapped 2.65-ounce bar
  • Its chocolate is ethically sourced from sustainable cocoa from West African countries.
  • It is made with a unique blend of cocoa beans, sugar, and cocoa butter.
  • The bar contains 32% cocoa solids, giving it a smooth, rich flavor.
  • The chocolate bar is crafted to perfection using traditional Belgian recipes.
  • The bar is wrapped in luxurious gold and black packaging.
  • Pairing recommendation: Coffee!
  • Japan, Asia

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Better For You:
  • Halal
  • Sugar-Conscious

"Côte d'Or: A Beloved Belgian Chocolate Brand with a Rich History"

Côte d’Or is a Belgian chocolate company that has been creating delicious, high-quality chocolates for over 100 years. Its cocoa beans are sourced from Ghana's Golden Coast, which are known for their unique, sought-after flavor. Côte d'Or's chocolatiers carefully blend the Golden Coast cocoa beans with other origins to create a bold, irresistible chocolate. They take great care in selecting the finest cocoa beans, roasting them at a lower temperature to retain their aroma, and conching their chocolate at a higher temperature to ensure a consistent and recognizable taste. The company also supports the farmers of the Golden Coast, investing in their success and the preservation of their land. Côte d’Or is a beloved part of Belgian culture and is widely available in supermarkets, specialty shops, and vending machines throughout the country. Its logo, a small elephant, has become a recognizable symbol of Belgian pride and identity.

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