Hi-Chew Original Mix

Hi-Chew Original Mix

Country Classic

Experience the unique and delicious taste of Hi-Chew candy! Created by Taichiro Morinaga in 1975, Hi-Chew is a chewy and fruity treat made with real fruit juice for an authentic and intense flavor experience. With over 200 flavors to choose from, including regional exclusives, Hi-Chew is a perfect snack for on the go or to share with friends. Enjoy the unique texture and sweet aroma of Hi-Chew, and discover the cultural significance of this beloved Japanese candy!

Questions & Answers
  • Hi-Chew is a fruity, chewy candy from Japan, created by Taichiro Morinaga in 1975.
  • It was developed as an alternative to chewing gum that could be consumed without breaking cultural taboos.
  • The candy is made with natural ingredients and has a special manufacturing process.
  • Hi-Chew has gained international popularity and is now sold in over 80 countries, with a variety of forms and flavors available.
  • The brand has become a cultural icon in Japan, with over 200 different flavors available.
  • Hi-Chew is popular due to its delicious taste and texture, which is often compared to chewing gum but can be swallowed.
  • Hi-Chew is known for its focus on specific fruits farmed in Japan.
  • Australia, Oceania

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  • Gluten-Free

Keep It In Your Mouth: A Journey Through Japan's Etiquette and Culture

Cultural Candy is proud to offer a taste of Japan through our delicious candy treats. In Japan, manners and etiquette are highly valued and play a significant role in daily life. The concept of "omotenashi," or hospitality, is evident in the way Japanese people interact with each other and is reflected in common phrases like "Gomen nasai" and "Sumimasen." The country also has a strong sense of community, with people taking care to avoid spreading illness and walking on the left side of paths. Business practices in Japan also reflect the importance of manners and etiquette, with cashiers often leaving trays for customers to place money and a focus on punctuality. When visiting someone's home, guests are expected to remove their shoes at the entrance and are often provided with indoor slippers to wear. Eating with chopsticks is common, with certain customs like not rubbing disposable chopsticks together and not sticking chopsticks into food. Alcohol is often served to each other, and gift giving is an important part of Japanese culture, with gifts typically given to commemorate special occasions. Gift giving in Japan is an art form in itself, with gifts given with both hands and often initially refused by the recipient. Popular gifts include flowers, plants, food, alcohol, and monetary gifts in decorative envelopes. At Cultural Candy, we believe in the power of sweets to bring people together and create sweet cultural connections. Our candy treats are not just a delicious snack, but also a window into the rich culture of Japan. Indulging in our Hi-Chew candy is a great way to experience a taste of Japan's culture. Behind every delicious piece of Hi-Chew is a rich history and tradition. It was the unique customs and traditions in Japan that was responsible for the creation of Hi-Chew, making Hi-Chew an authentic representation of Japan's cultural heritage. So, savor every bite and enjoy a piece of Japan's cultural richness!

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